Thursday 24th September


1) Front Squat to 3RM then attempt 1RM

2) As many rounds possible in 15 minutes..
5 x Handstand Push ups '4' inch deficit
10 x Toes to Bar
15 x Box jumps 24/20inch

5 x Handstand push ups (abmats if required)
10 x Toes to Ring
15 x Box jumps

5 x Pike Handstand push ups
10 x Knee raises/ abmat sit ups
15 x Box jumps/ Step ups

CFK Barbell

Snatch 85-90% 2x2, 95% 2x1
Power Clean & Jerk 85-90% 4x2
Clean Pulls 3x5 105%
Front squats 2x3 80%, 2x2 85-90%

Simon Lee