Tuesday 11th August


1) Overhead Squat to 3RM or Work Technique

2) 5 rounds for time: RX'd + With Weight vest
30 x Air Squats
1 x Rope Climb
200m Run

3) Work toes to bar efficiency or complete 60 x Toes to Bar with minimal sets possible

1) "Death by"
Every min on the min.. Stop at 20minutes if you get there!
Odd minutes: 20 calorie Row (males) / 15 calorie Row (female)
Even minutes: 10 x Burpees to "6" inch target

CFK Barbell

Snatch 1x3 75%, 5x2 80%+
Cleans 1x3 75%, 1x3 80%, 1x2 85% MAX/1
Snatch Position 2&1 deads 4x4 90%
Back Squats 3x3 80%

Simon Lee