Tuesday 21st May

15 minutes...
10 minutes every 2 minutes complete..
5 x Push jerk (work position/ build to heavy 5)
Then further 5 minutes
Build to heavy Push jerk

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes
5 x Strict handstand push ups
10 x Toes to bar 
15 x Box jumps 24/20inch

Simon Lee
Monday 20th May

Back squat 
10RM 8RM 6RM 4RM 2RM

For time:
27-21-15-9 reps:
Wall ball shots 30/20lbs
Burpee pull ups

Simon Lee
Saturday 18th May

Every min on the min for 8 minutes..
5 x Thrusters

‘Fight club’
3 rounds
1 min max rep thrusters 43/29kg
1 min max rep Power cleans 43/29kg
1 min max box jump overs 24/20inch
1 min max rep pull ups 
1 min max rep assault bike calories 
Rest 1 min between rounds

Simon Lee
Friday 17th May

10 minutes every 2 minutes x 10 reps (build to heavy 10)

Body armour strength 
3 rounds 
Front rack lunge 3 x 12RM
Bent over row 3 x 8RM

3 rounds for time 
Row 500m
21 x Burpee box jump overs 24/20inch

Simon Lee
Thursday 16th May

Front squat
8 sets Tempo* x 1 + 1 regular speed
*3 seconds down
*3 second pause at bottom
*3 second pause at parallel

10 rounds for time
4 x Deadball clean (as heavy as possible) 
4 x Deadball front squat (as heavy as possible)
4 x Bar muscle ups

10 rounds for time
6 x Dumbbell Power clean 
6 x Dumbbell front squat 
6 x Pull ups

Simon Lee
Wednesday 15th May

Olympic lifting 
15 minutes continuous timer
0-9:00 every 90sec (6 rounds)
Hi hang power clean (2 sec pause at pockets and catch) + Hang Power clean (2 sec pause below knees and catch)

9:00-15:00 every 60 seconds (6 rounds)
1 x Power clean (build to heavy rep)

50/35 x calorie airbike/ ski

Rest 1 min 
For time
30 x Bar facing burpees
45 x Deadlifts 102/70kg
15 x Bar-facing burpees 
Rest 1 min 
50/35 x calorie airbike/ ski

Simon Lee
Tuesday 14th May

Handstand push up conditioning 
7 x 2minute rounds
Row 20/15 calories
Max rep strict handstand push ups in remaining time 
*There is no rest between rounds

‘Wall street’
3 rounds for time
Run 800m
40 x Kettlebell swings 24/26kg
40 x Wall ball shots 20/14lbs

Simon Lee